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AVM Mesh Set 1 stk 7590, 1 stk 1750E

Art.nr: 20002860

The best of FRITZ!
Mesh kit 1 stk 7590 og 1 stk 1750E
Discover the future of mesh networking, a powerful duo consisting of the FRITZ!Box 7590 and the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E. Excellent range, high speeds, state-of-the-art hardware architecture and the latest port technology make the 7590 and the 1750E the experts for your home network.
Mesh WiFi: what is it?
Sometimes a single wireless network is not enough for the entire home or office. This is where Mesh networking comes in: consisting of two or more devices that work together to generate multiple wireless networks, resulting in a single, meshed network. Conveniently, the entire wireless network shares one name and password.
With Mesh networking it is easy to enjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming video or gaming – seamlessly reaching even the furthest corners of your home, apartment or office.
A powerful duo
The FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E are a dream team for your home network. Together they bring WiFi into every corner of your home. They route WiFi traffic intelligently, ensuring excellent network coverage for all your devices at home or in the office.
It's quick and easy to set up, too, as is adding additional devices to your Mesh system. With the smart FRITZ!Apps, control of the Mesh network will be in the palm of your hand.
Making phone calls fun
With the FRITZ!Box 7590 you have a complete telephone system that connects all your phones: IP, ISDN or analog. And using the FRITZ!App Fon it's easy to make calls on your smartphone over the landline. The app also notifies you about calls and voice messages when you're on the go. The answering machine and fax function including fax-to-mail bring additional convenience.
Stay secure with FRITZ!
The FRITZ!Box's comprehensive security concept keeps your communication safe. It undergoes constant testing and development. We regularly provide you with new software updates, which you can have installed automatically if you like.
Award-winning WiFi
Both the FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E are winners of countless awards, acclaimed by the press and users for their excellent WiFi performance. With this combination you'll have better, award-winning WiFi - wherever you are in your home.
FRITZ!OS: The genius behind FRITZ!
FRITZ!OS, the smart operating system for your FRITZ!Box, enables your devices to work together and blanket your home in WiFi. Don't forget to check for cutting edge updates and new functions.



AVM er en tysk kvalitets-leverandør av Wi-Fi produkter til hjemmet og for ISP’er. De leverer Trådløse rutere for standard Ethernet, VDSL/ADSL, og Coax kable med den siste 802.11ac teknologien. I porteføljen finner du også 3/4G rutere, Repeater, Powerline. Med Frtiz!OS  får du enkelt management ned alt av funksjoner. AVM leverer også flere applikasjoner for rask og enkel administrasjon. 


AVM offers a wide range of products for high-speed broadband connectivity and smart home networking. With its FRITZ! product line, AVM is a leading manufacturer of broadband devices for DSL, cable, LTE (4G) and fiber optics in Germany and Europe. Smart Home products based on wireless LAN, DECT and powerline standards provide for an intelligent as well as convenient home. The operating system FRITZ!OS makes handling all FRITZ! products easy. Free updates offer new functions and increase security. FRITZ! is the leading brand for home networking in Germany. Founded in Berlin in 1986, from the outset the company has focused on developing its own secure, innovative products for broadband connections. In 2015 the communications specialist had 570 employees and generated a turnover of 400 million euros.