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Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi Your backbone to a smarter home

 Smart Home Mesh Wi-Fi - Your backbone to a smarter home

Fast Wall-to-Wall Connectivity 
for Your Smart Home

The sleek and stylish SmartHome WiFi solution blankets your entire home or small office in reliable, high-speed wall-to-wall wireless. 

The SmartHome WiFi eliminates WiFi hassles. 

Its mesh technology uses smart sensors to automatically detect and reroute your traffic to the fastest, most intelligent path for an enhanced WiFi experience─in every corner of your home. 

Your SmartHome WiFi Solution

Flexibel system, two or three  EMR3500 router as a solution, or ann EMD1 mesh dots form the stylish and powerful SmartHome WiFi system. 

The EMR3500 and EMR5000 is the brains of the SmartHome WiFi system and works as your primary routers, then you can expand either with more EMR3500 or EMR5000 for the best possible solution, or the EMD1 mesh dots are transportable and smaller.

The new EMR3500 is armed with two radio 11ac Wave 2 using MU-MIMO 

The new EMR5000 is armed with three radios, one of the 5GHz radios is dedicated for MESH Backhaul. 

They have and powerful antennas with Beamforming, this SmartHome WiFi system maximizes the power of your home’s WiFi for outstanding network performance.

No More Buffering

Tired of that little buffer wheel? Enjoy smoking fast, high-performance WiFi speeds and buffer-free video and audio to all your devices in every room, on the patio, and beyond. Get the speed you need where and when you want it. 

Hassle-Free WiFi Set-Up

No running wires. No software to setup. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be up and running. Simply plug an EMR3500 into your existing modem, download the EnMesh Mobile App, and follow the quick step-by-step setup guide. Place the two EMD1 mesh dots anywhere you need coverage, and let Smart Link automatically connect them for you.

You’re in Total Control

The same EnMesh app that makes installing your SmartHome WiFi system easy also makes monitoring and controlling your new network just as simple. Keep your devices secure, allow guest access, and manage family screen time.

Sleek, Minimalistic Design

Clean, crisp WiFi demands a clean, crisp design. Its small footprint makes for easy (and subtle) placement throughout your home or small office.


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