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Extralink Perses, 8-ports Gigabit PoE/PoE+, 2x RJ45 Uplink Gigab

Art.nr: MWPS5082G
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Extralink PERSES 

PoE switch for monitoring
Extralink PERSES is a 10-port PoE switch with 4 modes : AI QoS mode, AI VLAN mode, AI Extend mode, and intelligent power mode. AI QoS mode is ideally suited for monitoring applications , it ensures that video data is processed with the highest priority to ensure smooth image.
Port separation using the VLAN function
AI VLAN mode makes ports 1-8 isolated from each other , which can effectively suppress broadcast storms and improve network performance.
Camera power up to 250 meters and real-time monitoring of equipment operation.
In the AI ​​Extend 1-8 mode, the ports can effectively transfer PoE data and power over a distance of up to 250 meters , which is ideal for monitoring systems, for powering cameras and access points. In AI PoE mode, the switch automatically detects the operating status of the connected device and when it finds that it is working incorrectly, it automatically restarts the device.
How does PoE switch work?
The device supports the IEEE 802.3af / at standard, which automatically detects and identifies PoE devices that are compliant with the IEEE 802.3af / at standard and provides them with power supply, there is no need to worry about the possibility of damage to a device that does not need PoE power supply if switch will detect that the device is not compatible with the 802.3af / at standard, it will not supply power to this device.
Main features:
  • AI Extend mode: ports 1-8 support power supply at a distance of 250 meters (use a Cat5e or Cat6 cable)
  • AI VLAN mode: Isolating ports 1-8 from each other
  • AI QoS mode: Adjust the priority of video data packets. The video monitoring transmission is smoother
  • AI PoE mode: Automatically detects devices that are not responding, turns off PoE on the port to which the device is connected, and restarts power
  • IEEE 802.3af / at support
  • Auto MDI / MDIX support
  • Store-and-forward
  • Protection of the power supply circuit to protect terminal equipment
  • Fanless design for energy saving
  • Energy saving function on unused ports
  • 184 mm * 94 mm * 27 mm

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