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Net.Cover provides dedicated and comprehensive support for your network. You get the highest levels of technical support, superior risk mitigation measures and proactive services to ensure high-availability, business continuity, and peace of mind. You can purchase Net.Cover support contracts at any time. Conditions may apply for warranty-expired products or products with a lapsed Net.Cover contract.

Multi-level technical phone support, priority queuing, and advanced product replacement are available in this comprehensive support program. These services are designed to support maximum uptime and ease troubleshooting of vital network hardware and software issues. This broad selection of support options extends from the access edge to the most mission-critical core components and supports applications ranging from standard enterprise connectivity to IP voice, video, security and data delivery.


Net.Cover Datasheet 

  Warranty* Preferred Advanced Elite
Online services
Knowledge base Basic Premium Premium Premium
Software updates 90 days
Hardware support Repair & return Repair & return
Free shipping
Advanced replacement
Next Day shipping
Advanced replacement
Next Day shipping
Priority queue   Preferred First Top
Support portal  
TAC** live support   Business hours 24 x 5 24 x 7
Direct account support      
Online services
Knowledge base        
Software updates  
Hardware support        
Priority queue        
Support portal  
TAC** live support        
Direct account support      
  • * For up to date warranty conditions please visit our Warranty page.
  • ** TAC is Allied Telesis Technical Assistance Center.


Elite Clients will be in direct touch with Allied Telesis account managers and specialists who will assist in the selection of solutions and technologies that best fit their business needs and will guide through the support organization for faster problem resolution.


Have your supported device's configurations verified and assessed by our TAC specialists who will suggest improvements, corrections and optimizations for achieving the best performance out of your Allied Telesis network.


Subscribing to a Net.Cover plan, whether Elite, Advanced or Preferred, will entitle you to receive live support from Allied Telesis TAC specialists who will guide you step by step for identifying and solving network related issues. Net.Cover Client's requests will be prioritized according to the subscribed plan and will be granted live phone access through local toll free numbers. Please check our website for the up to date list of phone numbers for your country.

Allied Telesis TAC is staffed by engineers with expertise, in both Allied Telesis products and a wide range of networking technologies.

  •  Phone, email, Web
  •  Configuration assessment
  •  Root cause troubleshooting
  •  Priority access
  •  Escalation management


Providing hardware troubleshooting and fault diagnosis. Allied Telesis hardware support will cover the cost of repairs in the event of a hardware failure, preventing any unforeseen expenses. The Advanced Hardware Replacement option ensures a minimum of network downtime for mission critical applications. Clients without a valid Net.Cover maintenance plan will receive instructions for basic hardware troubleshooting while Net.Cover Clients will be guided through the failure analysis procedure for fast diagnosis and resolution.

  •  Hardware repair and return
  •  Next Business day advanced hardware replacement
  •  Hardware failure diagnosis


Net.Cover Clients will be registered to the Allied Telesis Support Portal with access to the premium section of the Knowledge Base as well as tools for faster and easier management of their maintenance contracts.


Allied Telesis Software Support provides online access to software upgrades, updates and bug fixes for all products covered. These updates deliver timely features and enhancements in response to the constant changes that our customers experience in their networking environments.

  •  24 x 7 software access
  •  Software updates and upgrades
  •  Release notes and documentation


The Allied Telesis interactive support and information network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing convenient, immediate access to a wealth of information and an online service portal to submit and track technical support incidents.

  •  24 x 7 x 365 self-service tools
  •  Online incident management
  •  Access to the Knowledge Base

Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe.

In a world moving toward Smart Cities and the Internet of Things, networks must evolve rapidly to meet new challenges. Allied Telesis smart technologies, such as Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) and Enterprise SDN, ensure that network evolution can keep pace, and deliver efficient and secure solutions for people, organizations, and “things” - both now and into the future.

Allied Telesis is universally recognized for innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.