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TwistPortTM Adaptor for RouterBOARD RBP

Art.nr: TPA-RBP
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TwistPortTM Adaptor for RouterBOARD RBP
Integrates MikroTikTM RouterBOARDTM into TwistPortTM eco-system.
What is TwistPortTM Adaptor
TwistPort Adaptor adapts 3rd party radios to RF elements® proprietary TwistPortTM waveguide connector. Integration of the radio is smooth and requires no tools. Making 3rd party radios compatible with TwistPortTM allows for using the radio with any TwistPortTM antenna ever made and enable superior performance, noise immunity and network scalability.
Made For MikroTikTM
TPA-RBP is cost effective and practical alternative of TPA compatible with MikroTikTM RouterBOARDTM 9XX, 7XX and 4XX series, as well as with the recent M11 series. It incorporates popular RB922 board.
Improved Feeder
TPA-RBP is equipped with the newest generation of feeding elements. Transition to TwistPortTM waveguide connector is terminated with two MMCX pigtails with single layer shield.
Wide Band Performance
With the newest generation of waveguide feed, TPA-RBP covers a wideband spectrum of 5180-6100 MHz with excellent performance.


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