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Nanobrakett for NanoBeam AC16

Art.nr: NB-M5-16
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Improve the link performance 

NanoBracket® for NBE-M5-16 offers a 3-axis positioning system based on the 3rd generation of our patent-pending ball hinge. NanoBracket® for NBE-M5-16 enables precise and easy adjustment of the CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation to eliminate a potential missmatch loss and to achieve the best RF performance of the MiMo link.

Easy installation on the wall or one the pole 

We split the installation into two steps to make it more user-friendly. 

1. Install the bracket on a pole or on a wall, then attach the CPE. 2. Adjust the positioning and tighten the main nut. Done!

Built to last 

NanoBracket® is made of outdoor resistant ABS and stainless steel hardware. NanoBracket® for NBE-M5-16 is an excellent upgrade from the wimpy mount you get with your NanoBeam®.



Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Networks

Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management

The UniFi Controller v4 software is a powerful, enterprise wireless software engine ideal for high-density client deployments requiring low latency and high uptime performance. With its software-based capabilities, the UniFi virtual control plane allows for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller. Remotely access the UniFi Controller to upgrade deployed UniFi APs while in the field.


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